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Meadows Auction & Realty
Online Auction
Vintage Tools Auction & More - This auction in progress now!!

Item Description
201.Vintage Tool Auction. Meadows Online Auction Bldg., Rt. 20, Green Sulphur Springs, WV. Lots will begin closing Thursday, January 23rd @ 7:00 PM
202.There will be a 5% Buyers Premium on this auction. Bids cannot be cancelled. Auctioneer is agent of the seller.
203.Preview Thursday January 16th 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Friday, January 17th 10:00 to 11:00 AM and 3:00 to 6:00 PM
204.Auction starts closing Thursday, January 23rd @ 7:00 PM, 1 item per minute. Pickup for this auction will be Friday, January 24th 10:00 to 11:00 AM and 3:00 to 6:00 PM. This is only time available for pickup. Accommodations for other pickup days/ times cannot be guaranteed. If accommodations are made, buyer is responsible for an additional charge of $15. an hour. $15. minimum charge
205.5 Assorted Hammers
206.Craftsman 18" Tool Box
207.Kal Tunemaster 14" Tool Box
208.Wooden Duck
209.5 Asst Hammers
210.Vintage Dent Puller
211.Air Stapler/ Nailer
212.2 Asst Hammers
213.Stanley Air Stapler/ Nailer
214.2 Vintage Brace/ Drills
215.Vintage Candle Holder
216.Vintage Dresser Pulls
217.Plano Tackle Box
218.Hydralic Jack 23" H +-
219.Vintage Alu. 24" Level
220.Vintage Aluminum 24" Level
221.Vintage Aluminum 24" Level
222.(1) Vintage Aluminum 24" Level - Bidding on lot #222
223.Approx 12 asst Drill Bits +-
224.Approx 12 asst Drill Bits +-
225.Approx 12 asst Drill Bits +-
226.Approx 12 asst Drill Bits +-
227.All American 30" Tool Box
228.(3) Vintage Hand Drill Braces
229.Vintage Metal Grabber
230.Set of 6 Autolite Spark Plugs
231.Approx. 12 Asst Drill Bits
232.Approx. 9 Asst Drill Bits
233.7 Asst Saw Blades
234.Approx. 12 Asst Drill Bits
235.3 Vintage Braces & 1 Drill Bit
236.Vintage Wooden Box w/ contents
237.Vintage Single Tree 36" +-
238.Vintage Single Tree 28" +-
239.9 Asst Tape Measures
240.Mirro Pressure Canner (check for accessories)
241.Set Vintage Horse Hames
242.Vintage Wooden Box 24" x 18" +-
243.(6) Asst Vintage Saws
244.(6) Asst Vintage Handsaws
245.(5) Asst Vintage Handsaws
246.Vintage Hand Meat Saw
247.(3) Vintage Carpenter Aprons
248.Vintage Hacksaw & Asst Saw Blades
249.Vintage Tin Snips
250.(3) Riveters
251.Vintage Yankee Drill
252.Vintage Wrench
253.2 Pc. Prybar & Nail Puller
254.Craftsman 10" Compound Miter Saw
255.Vintage Grease Gun
256.2 Pipe Wrenches
257.Vintage 300' Links Surveyor's Tape
258.Welding Helmet - broken strap- see picture
259.Ryobi 10" Compound Miter Saw TS1342L
260.Vintage Mechanics Creeper
261.(6) Vintage Hand Saws
262.Belsaw Model 1200 Automatic saw filer/ sharpener
263.Vintage Mechanics Creeper
264.Coca Cola Wooden Crate & Bottles (check out that 1 Nehi bottle)
265.Vintage Handsaws (Monroe saw 6; I see 7. How many you see?)
266.(6) Vintage Handsaws
267.(6) Vintage Handsaws
268.(6) Vintage Handsaws
269.Bucket drill bits
270.Bucket (3) Chisels; screws; wooden pieces; etc
271.Set Horse Hames with some straps
272.Set Horse Hames with some straps
273.(2) Conoco 5 Gal Oil Cans
274.Eagle Metal Gas Can
275.Unilube 2 Gal Oil Can
276.(2) Quaker Supreme 1 Gal Brake Fluid Cans
277.Believed to be a Jacobs Vintage Wood Coal Burning Parlor Stove Cast Iron Decorative Top. It is marked Jacobs
278.Craftsman Roll Around Tool Box
279.All Trade Tool Cabinet
280.Vintage Wooden Banker's/Office Chair, leather back, brass nailheads
281.All American Roll Around Tool Box
282.Vintage Tubular Metal Bed with Iron Pegged Rails- Caned look- Gold in color
284.Vintage Corn Sheller
285.Roto Verso Washing Machine Electric Wringer Washer - no agitator. 1930's era. Highly sought after green in color. Most of time you will find an ad for this, not the real thing.
286.Roll Around Tool Box. Cart like bottom. 6 Drawer top.
287.Vintage: Speed Queen Wringer Washer; with metal tag. When we plugged this up to a surge protector, it flipped the circuit. Must be a short somewhere?
288.Vintage Wooden Box with compartments
289.Chemtrol Tool- believed to be a Chemtrol Lever Handle Tool Orange K-7 for Butterfly / Ball Valve
290.(3) Vintage Soldering Irons- some refer to these as primitive
291.Vintage Soldering Irons
292.(3) Vintage Soldering Irons
293.Vintage Protractors, Caliper, other vintage items in box
294.(2) Vintage Yankee Drills
295.Wooden Handmade Box, perhaps for tools
296.(3) Monkey Wrenches. See history lesson below. I thought it was because the wrenches "looked" like a monkey. Real ones made it to the Smithsonian
297.Vintage Pipe cutter
298.7 +- Vintage Drill bits, etc
299.Vintage Baby Stroller Hedstrom.
300.Wooden box with contents- horseshoes, saw, etc
301.Spool Leg Parlor Table
303.K-Mart Mechanics Creeper
304.Vintage Air Bumper Jack
305.Vintage Air Tire Changer
306.Vintage Yellow Wooden Handmade Box w/ Contents (perhaps David can tell us what these contents are??). Camo net spreaders. Military surplus item. Yes - he did ID these
307.Blue crate w/ contents
308.2 Gas Cans
309.2 Vintage 5 Gal Oil Cans
310.Gray crate w/ contents
311.Horse Harness
312.5 Gallon Bucket w/ drill bits, etc
313.Galvinized bucket, wagon n/r, etc
314.Vintage cutter & Lawn spreader
315.Gaudette Manufacturing Los Angeles Tilt Top Screen Card/Coffee Table Vintage
316.1 lot- strap, appears to be a single tree, etc


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