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Item Description
4001.Metal /Wood Bike Decor
4002.Rolling Pin Red Handles
4003.Elephant Collectibles
4004.Thomas Pacconi Retro Phone. Classic Edition Telephone 1930 Reproduction. Phone has now been tested. Calls out, calls in
4005.Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Handle
4006.Lamp with Lighthouse. Shade has plastic damage at top. Water fountain worked just long enough for me to get a picture, then it quit
4007.Parlor Lamp with globe and chimney T&T
4008.(4) Jeremy Mayfield #12 Mobil - Hot Wheels
4009.Vintage Propane Lamp
4010.Vintage Ash Tray
4011.Vintage Ash Tray
4012.LARRY FITZGERALD Arizona Cardinals NFL Bobble Head*
4013.Heavy Black Swan Figure Of interest, possibly ivory, marble?? If you can help, would appreciate. Figure of Color
4014.Brass Silent Butler, Crumb Catcher Lidded; Whiskey Flask
4015.(2) Mattel/ Hot Wheels #12 Jeremy Mayfield
4016.Racing Tin; Coin
4017.(3) # 12 Nascar Cars
4018.Friends of Coal Stadium Seat
4019.Touch Lamp (sensor must be bad- would not come on)
4020.Touch Lamp- OK
4021.Quail Bird, ceramic sculpture. Marked: 1981 Austin Prod. Inc (need to google this)
4022.Vintage Globe for Light Fixture
4023.Victory at Sea (3) Disc Set
4024.Brass Candle Lamp
4025.(2) Vintage Camping Jupiter 1 Lantern Kerosene - Farmhouse Decor with NO Globes
4026.Rattan Table Fan T&T
4027.Assorted patches, letters
4028.New York Yankees Napkins
4029.First Day Issue Stamps
4030.(2) Vintage Oil Cans
4031.Vintage Oil Can
4032.(3) Smaller Cast Iron Skillets
4033.2 Larger Cast Iron Skillets
4034.Vintage Tire Pump
4035.2 Albums Vintage Victrola Records
4036.Duffle Bag- folds into a circle
4037.(5) Vintage Men's Hats (one marked from Hinton). Mallory, Knox Flying Cloud, Dobbs, Resistol.
4038.(5) Vintage Ladies Hats
4039.Shoes size 6. Golf shoes
4040.Drill bits
4041.National Tournament Chalk. Bottles, billard pills
4042.(3) Metal Boxes
4043.Handmade Shelf
4044.Vintage Stool- needs TLC or lipstick
4045.(5) Sickles
4046.Vintage Water Can
4047.(2) Chairs as pictured
4048.Brace/ hand drill; monkey wrench
4049.Shoe stretcher, grass trimmer, horse shoe
4050.Patches/ buttons/ pins
4051.Feed sack material
4052.Small Handmade Stool
4053.Polaroid "One" Camera, 2 transistor radios
4054.Swivel Top Table
4055.Vintage Tri-cycle
4056.Vintage Grain Scoop
4057.Vintage Garden Lay Off Plow
4058.Display rack
4059.Vintage Games
4060.Vintage Schoolhouse Light Fixture (globe matches # 4022)
4061.(6) Sundae Dishes w/ ss base
4062.Duck Radio (does this look like Tweety Bird to you? I don' think so)
4063.Ring Stick Ring sizer
4064.Vintage Glasses
4065.State Farm Road Atlas- Ralph Williams Office
4066.Wade Boots (size would help)
4067.1 Dozen Glass Mugs
4068.Box Glasses
4069.M&M Clock - last I looked this was still running the the M&M "pendulum" was working
4070.Vintage optometrist light/ Equipment. Cameron Spitler Amblyo. Syntonizer. Cameron Surgical Specialty Company. Medical and surgical instruments and supplies. This does power on. Smithsonian may want this??
4071.M2500 Murray Weedeater (untested by me)
4072.Plates/ Dessert Bowls/ Candleholders
4073.Cute little apron; hand drying towels, etc
4074.Cabbage Patch Doll; Cabbage Patch Ceramic
4075.Primitive/ distressed look Home sign
4076.NCAA Wilson Basketball
4077.Batman Memorabilia Toys
4078.Hobby Lobby Style Suitcases
4079.PTO Gear Pump for Tractor
4082.Spiderman; Fantastic Four Comics
4083.(2) Rain Suits. Orange 2X; yellow X large
4084.Diplomat Brush & Shoe Horn
4085.1987 Horseman's Association Banquet
4086.Golf Books
4087.Electric Clock (it's almost quitting time). One of these clocks is (are) chiming
4088.Handmade Hat/ Coat Rack
4089.Racing Book; Plaques
4090.Elvis Memorabilia; Elvis Colorized Coin; etc
4091.Verichron Chime Schoolhouse Clock. Upon closer inspection I find the movement mechanism where you place battery is loose (needs tightened)
4092.Tie Out Chain
4093.Corkscrews (one is highly unusual)
4094.45 RPM Records
4095.Vintage Picture
4096.Sport Cards, Poster, Book, VCR tape
4097.Gun Cleaning Kit
4098.Sport, Baseball Books
4099.Sport card books, etc
5000.Sport books
5001.Sport Books
5002.Sport Books (8)
5003.NBA's Greatest
5004.Shelf/ Coat Rack
5005.Political Badges, wooden nickels, watch, etc
5006.3 Light Hanging Fixture; Swirl Frosted Shades. Seller guarantees this to work
5007.Slant Tilt-Top Table (wood damage on leg- turn it the right one will ever know)
5008.Stool/ padded seat
5009.Movie Screen
5010.Ash Trays; bottle (check out soap stone ash tray)
5011.Vintage Toy Wrecker Truck
5012.Vintage Wooden Ironing Board
5013.Pez Toys; McDonald's; etc
5014.Toilet Paper / Towel Holder
5015.Tire Clock (will have to take this apart and work on hands)
5016.Vintage Nylint Truck Crane
5017.Catch & Release Trap
5018.Vintage Books
5019.Vintage Cooking Utensils
5020.Vintage Oil Spouts/ Funnels/ Etc
5021.Aus Jena Zeiss Laboval 4 Binocular Microscope (one on eBay like this- priced @ 229.99). Only thing I know about this one, it does power on)
5022.Wooden Mallets
5023.Basket lot toys etc
5024.Desk Lamp - could not get it to come on!
5025.Sunlight Desk Lamp- working
5026.Electric heater- powers on- but makes a NOISE!
5027.Rare Buco Baumann A.G. Calendar wooden wall mount Perpetual Calendar Swiss
5028.Greenbrier West Cavaliers Cushion, etc
5029.Paint Brushes
5030.Premier Five Star Notebook; California Raisin; Stencils; Ruler
5031.Hot Wheels Case
5032.Vintage GE Electric Knife
5034.Doral Tin with Matches/ sealed; Cigar Box; Basket Matches
5035.(5) Hubcaps (which one does not match)
5036.Rock & others record albums
5037.Gospel records, etc
5038.Country records, etc
5039.Framed Doilies
5040.Wormy Chestnut Frame
5041.Pathe` Victrola. Needs repair. This is a hard to find "rare" french record player.
5042.(2) Mowing Scythes
5043.Vintage Coal Auger. USED IN EARLY COAL MINING. Think referred to as a breast auger (click additional info for a history lesson)
5044.Tote with chargers, toy boat, etc
5045.Box with train & cowboy lamp shades; Christmas tin; etc
5046.Crate VCR tapes, cassettes
5047.Zenith Vintage Record Player- UNtested
5048.Vintage Radios- Untested
5049.Box lot- pictures, etc
5050.Box VCR movies, etc
5051.Box tools, other stuff
5052.Crate of records
5053.Box of records
5054.Tote of records
5055.Box of records
5056.Bumper jack
5057.Tote- baseball, miscellaneous, etc
5058.2 Gallon Crock & Contents (hairline crack on crock)
5059.Vintage Picnic Basket
5060.Enamel Roaster with Lid
5061.Handcrafted Ring Holder Made in Yugoslavia; 2 Thimbles
5062.Spoons- (1) Silverplate; (2) Wallace (3) Stainless Steel
5063.Towle silver covered casserole dish with glass ovenware
5064.Mirror w/ 2 Brass Hooks & Cheese Slicer


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