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City of Hinton - Vehicles & Woodworking Equipment
Auction will begin when all items are published to site

Item Description
7001.City of Hinton Online Auction, 117 5th Avenue, Hinton, WV, 25951. Onsite. Vehicles, Woodworking Equipment. Date: Friday, November 15th lots begin closing @ 7:00 PM.
7002.There will be a 5% Buyer's Fee on this Auction. No warranties, no returns. Bids cannot be cancelled. Auctioneer is an agent of the seller.
7003.Previews for this auction will be Friday, November 8th 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Friday, November 15th 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
7004.Auction will start closing Friday, November 15th @ 7:00 PM, 2 items per minute with soft close. Pickup for this auction will be Saturday, November 16th 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you buy large equipment, please arrive early so you can have it out by 3:00 PM. Bring plenty of help to load or equipment to load, tools to unhook anything that needs unhooked/ dismantled. Please come to preview s you will konw what you need and then bid accordingly.
7005.2012 Chevrolet Impala (picture to follow)
7006.2012 Chevrolet Impala (picture to follow)
7007.2006 Ford F-250 Diesel
7008.Baggage Factory Cart Wagon
7009.Roll Around Cart- wheels on one end; stationary on other
7010.Air Hose
7011.Baggage Factory Cart Wagon
7012.Work Table
7013.Work Table with drawer
7014.Baggage Factory Cart Wagon
7015.Baggage Factory Cart Wagon
7016.Work Table with Vise
7017.Baggage Factory Cart Wagon
7018.Work Table
7019.Vintage Coal/ Wood Cook Stove, Virginia. As pictured. (cart not included- sold next lot)
7020.Baggage Factory Cart Wagon (coal / wood stove not included, sold in previous lot)
7021.Baggage Factory Cart Wagon with contents (wood)
7022.Work Table
7023.Work Table
7024.Ritter Manufacturing Industrial Sander (verify this is Model 2903; 665 Serial; Belt size 6" x 132")
7025.Bridgewood Industrial Table Saw. 220V, 12 AMPS, RPM 3450, 2 Motor HP, Single Phase, 507008 Serial, TSC-10A Model; Made in Taiwan size? (what blade 10 or 12)
7026.Bosch Router
7027.Gould Century 210 Electric Motor
7028.Bridgewood Radial Arm Sander
7029.Bridgewood BW-4S Table Shaper
7030.Work Table
7031.Work Table w/ Contents
7032.Craftsman 150 Drill Press. 103-24531
7033.Wide Belt Sander. 220V; 60 Hz; 3 Phase; A-3760 Type; 1989-2003 Date; 890357 MFG No
7034.Work Table w/ Contents
7035.Mortising Drill Press. Oliver, Phase 1, 1 HP, 60 Cycle, 17.6 AMP, Speed 1750, No. S76698
7036.Large Wood Industrial Lathe
7037.Work Table w/ contents
7038.Work Table w/ contents
7039.Dewalt Industrial Radial Arm Saw
7040.Bridgewood Industrial Planer
7041.North State Dust Collector
7042.Industrial Planer/ Sander ??
7043.Baggage Cart & Plywood
7044.Vacuum System
7045.Old Industrial Planer
7046.Bridgewood Industrial Table Saw
7047.Montgomery Ward Power Kraft 10" Radial Arm Saw
7048.Work Table w/ contents
7049.Box Fan & Motor
7050.1 Lot Wood
7051.1 Lot Wood
7052.1 Lot Wood
7053.Iron Rail
7054.Plywood 4x8; 1 pc
7055.Shelf & Contents
7056.(2) Work Tables
7057.Plywood, tables, etc
7058.Mounted Lights, Steps
7059.2 Pallets Miscellaneous Mdse
7060.Baggage Cart & Bricks (check badge & wheels on this cart)
7061.Work Table & Contents
7062.Modine Gas Heater
7063.Red Door
7064.Baggage Cart. Have you seen what they are doing with these now- Coffee Tables! Lawn & Garden Decor. Last picture from online, just to show you an end table
7065.1 lot lumber, plywood, etc
7066.1 lot 2x4's, etc
7067.Starr, Richmond, Ind Piano- Often referred to as Mid Century Modern
7068.Office Desk & Contents
7069.Exhibitor's Award 1989. Appalachian Hardwood Expo
7070.2 Work Tables, Contents, Louvre, etc
7071.1 Lot Band Saw Blades
7072.1 Lot Lumber, Glass, Mirror, etc
7073.GE Wood Clock
7074.3 Shelves- wood & metal, Miscellaneous
7075.2x4's; red lumber, etc
7076.Metal shelf & contents
7077.1 Lot wood, etc
7078.1 Lot frames, wood, projects in the making, etc
7079.Wooden Cabinet & Contents. Shabby Chic look
7080.Saw Horses, Wood, etc
7081.Vintage Wooden Box
7082.Shelf & contents (check out that wood on top of shelf)
7083.2 Roll Around Carts, Contents
7084.1 Lot Lumber
7085.Wood Pieces
7086.Asst Saw Blades
7087.Roll around wooden cart- needs a top, wood, etc
7088.Time Clock & Rack. Cincinnati Time Clock Company
7089.Gould 100 AMP Breaker Box (picture to follow)
7090.1 Lot Cabinet Bottoms, etc
7091.1 Lot Shelf, Chair, Frame, Wood, etc


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