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Meadows Auction & Realty
Keating Online Auction
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Item Description
1001.Necklace marked 925; Necklace marked Korea; Timex & Wrangler Watches-etc; Findings.
1002.Paula Deen 10″ Stoneware Round Covered Casserole Dish
1003.Pitcher & Bowl (marked Aires 1984-think so); looks tiny in picture. Pitcher is approx 11" H +-
1004.Zodiac Ash Tray; Trinket/ Dresser Box; Shoot for the Moon; Tie Clasp- Truck- plus others
1005.8 Disney Characters; Spoons; Bowl (looks like Mikasa)
1006.Dale Earnhardt, Sr & Jr Pocket Watch
1007.(2) Cast Iron Skillets 9-10" +-
1008.Pitcher & Bowl - pitcher approx 12". Looks petite in picture, but rather large. Previews are the best (sometimes we even have chocolate on preview day)
1009.Chesapeake & Ohio Railway water can. Marked C&O Ry. Short spout. Approx 11" H. +-
1010.Hunters Specialties True Talker; Schrade Old Timer 340T Knife
1011.Painted Iron Skillet - approx 10"
1012.Stoneware Planter approx 8 1/2 " +-
1013.(3) Iron Skillets - one is Heuck classic. Approx 8" +-
1014.100% Handcrafted Gun Belt Buckle
1015.Spectacles/ W.A. James Case; (3) Pipes
1016.Log Cabin Candleholder ( would recommend a battery operated candle )
1017.Lantern Tea light holder
1018.Lantern - Pillar candle holder
1019.SS Bowls & Cooking Utensils
1020.Pampered Chef 4 Cup Measuring Cup; Hoffritz Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk
1021.6 / 7 Rod & Reels
1022.4.2 Qt Pressure Cooker
1023.(3) Cups/ Thermos/ or Travel Mugs
1024.Nice lot- Plano Tackle Box with tackle; Camouflage/ Army Cap. Camo billfold
1025.Ozark Trail Cooler/ Fishing Gear Holder; Camouflage Vest 2X; Tasco Scope
1026.Skeleton Keys; Insulator; Ash Tray
1027.Cookie Jar with utensils
1028.Mork & Mindy Lunch Box (NO thermos)
1029.Anchor Hocking Measuring Cup; Pyrex Baking Dishes; Green Tortilla / Chips Bowl; Antique Milk Glass Canning Jar Lid Inserts Glass
1030.Wooden Boxes- Tissue or Letter Box & Treasure Chest
1031.Unique Night Light. T&T
1032.Candle Warmer with Rope Handle. T&T. If you come to inspection, many of these items will be on display & working
1033.Vintage No Parking Sign. Approx 17" H +-
1034.Nintendo 64 NUS-001. My research states this is the original - released 1996. If your research differs, let me know. I have plugged this up and tested for power, and that is all I have done.
1035.Sony Playstation 2 SCPH-70012. I have plugged this up, opened and closed the door. That's all testing done thus far.
1036.Durabrand Portable DVD Player. No power cord (9V needed). Untested.
1037.Naxa DVD Player. T&T by plugging up, opening & closing door
1038.AK Anne Klein Double Breasted Wool Blend Lined Coat, Belted- Size large; Joan (Joau?? I can only find Bill) Bass Knit Dress - no size- estimate large
1039.Infant Party Dress w/ bloomers. Size 6-9 Months
1040.Nurse in Training size 6 months
1041.4 Game Controls- Nintendo; PS 2
1042.Jewelry Box with jewelry-necklaces-bracelets, findings; wooden bowl
1043.Jewelry Box with jewelry (note missing one drawer); Thomas Kinkade "Light of Peace" Jewelry/ Trinket Box (if we find any gold or sterling, will update). Found a sterling ring and Harley Davidson pendant in the jewelry box.
1044.Radcliffe Red Blazer Style Jacket Wool Blend (or possibly wool, check tag)- size small
1045.(5) Porcelain/ Cloth Dolls. Believe I have 4 stands
1046.34x30 Wrangler Jeans
1047.Big Rak Canyon Jacket Size L
1048.Arizona Jacket Size Small. Lined. Leather look- but not
1049.Crystal River Utility Vest or maybe fly fishing vest. Size XL
1050.Levis Strauss Black Acid Wash Trucker's Jacket size large 70507 on label; AC/DC Thermal Shirt size L or XL (see yellow sticky note)
1051.Dog Welcome Sign and we'll say "dog" bowl
1052.Lee Riders Shirt (L)
1053.Levi Jacket Size (L)
1054.Mirrored/ glass Chess Set
1055.Box lot- RCA Cables, Remotes, TV Wire, Etc
1056.Box lot TV Antenna, Microsoft Cord, Go Pro Suction Holder, etc
1057.WFS Genuine Leather Jacket ( I could not find a size- estimate XL). Plenty of pockets
1058.Black embossed Western saddle, with stirrups (wish I knew more)
1059.Brown Saddle, Only (1) Stirrup. Roping saddle.
1060.Feather Brand Wood Boat or Canoe Paddle
1061.Safety Triangle
1062.(2) Tension Rods
1063.Scrapbook & Scrap-booking Supplies- Designer paper, stickers, etc
1064.Vintage Tool Belt
1065.Pair Vintage Tree Climbers
1066.(2) Vintage Wood Planes
1067.(2) Vintage Bit Braces
1068.Vintage Grass Sickle & Cement Trowel
1069.Vintage Husqvarna #10 Sausage Grinder - it's highly collectible
1070.Vintage Hand Crank Bench Grinder (Monroe said they used to have one like it)
1071.Vintage Yankee Drill
1072.Vintage Cast Iron Tire Inner Tube Patch Clamp Tool ( I believe )
1073.Small Vintage Wooden Level
1074.Vintage Ceiling or Pendant Mount Light Fixture VC100
1075.Vintage Horse Hoof Trimmers
1076.Vintage Wooden Plane (there's the name- you'll have to come read it)
1077.Tile Cutter
1078.Jeepers Creeper Mechanics Creeper
1079.Shelf with wooden pegs, Metal Welcome/ Butterfly Hanging, Tractor Wind Chime, Unidentified object
1080.Tim Mitchell's Yule Stand System (video on youtube to show you how to use)
1081.Wrought Iron Six Arm Hanging Candle Holder
1082.Large White Ceramic Lawn Ornament Vase w/ Face
1083.Kelvinator 15.4 Cu Ft Refrigerator/ Freezer. Plugged up & working
1084.Coca Cola Wagon
1085.Folding Lawn Chair
1086.Metal Apple/ Vine Design Light Fixture. Hang it on the wall
1087.Workforce Electric Tile Cutter
1088.Drill Bits - gold in color- in case
1089.Chain Binder
1090.Carry tool box w/ contents
1091.(2) Plastic Containers with nuts, bolts, screws, catchalls
1092.Little Giant Bench Vise
1093.Belt approx 25' +-
1094.Wood clamp
1095.12" Professional Model B Tile Cutter
1096.Roll wire or cable ??
1097.Light (untested); dishwasher supply line
1098.Pioneer Car Radio (untested)
1099.(2) Caps; Empty Winston Box
1100.(2) 25' Measuring Tapes
1101.Sunbeam Bug Light - no a/c cord- untested
1102.Ridgid Pipe Wrenches - 2
1103.Air grinder
1104.Confederate flag; Robert E Lee Plaque; License Plates
1105.Hammer, pliers, (2) adj wrenches
1106.Craftsman saw lade, Kobalt wire cup brush
1107.Oven cleaner, great stuff, goof off, etc
1108.Container of clothespins
1109.USED Plum Smooth- waxing kit
1110.(2) Hair clippers T&T for power; attachments, basket
1111.Roll Interface
1112.Assorted plates, saucers, bowls
1113.(2) Throws- wolf & pattern
1114.Minion Globe
1115.Tray knives, forks, spoons, can openers, mixer attachments.
1116.Ceramic house / barn (think lawn ornament); Hoppy Hollow; etc
1117.Set George R.R. Martin Books. A Song of Ice and Fire. Paperback
1118.How to do Books on Decorating- Wedding- Mostly gardening
1119.Owl Pot Holders; Table Scarves: etc
1120.Basket books- Polar Express; Amish Confidential; Homeland Harmony; Astrology Pack; etc
1121.Scales (appear to be correct), basket
1122.Assorted signs; orange candleholders??
1123.Box lot curling irons, blow dryers - untested
1124.Bar & Saw Chains
1125.Keepsake project book, Resumes books, one kind mama
1126.Plumbing items
1127.Workforce 12.5" Tool Box w/ contents
1128.Husqvarna 141 Chain Saw Parts (NR)
1129.Cast Iron Fireplace Mantle & Grate
1130.E.R. Co of Forest Park - Ill. Cedar/ Blanket Chest (N/R). Google this, you will be shocked, like I was (claim it's rare)
1131.Command hooks, ceiling hook, electrical tape, etc
1132.Crate/ steel wood
1133.Shelf lot- miter saw, 2 metal tool boxes, etc
1134.(2) Hats, water hose
1135.Shelf lot - can't tell if it's cups or caps; springs; etc
1136.Appears to be 4 box lots- lights, binders, tape, clamps, etc
1137.Cabinet 18" x 24" x 68" +-
1138.Roaster, cookware- stainless & non-stick
1139.Ammo, holster, etc
1140.Small table 15" x 17" x 18" +-
1141.End Table 24" x 26" x 21" +-(I know somebody that could paint something real nice on here for you!)
1142.Lights- clear; believe picture frame hangers- new- similar to last picture
1143.Mirror 24" x 32"
1144.Leather-like Recliner
1145.G-111 Western Leather Jacket 2X ( I suppose a man could wear this )
1146.3 Pc Bedroom Suite- Dresser-Night Stand- King Size Bed w/ Rails (look for a name in drawers)
1147.Fringed Matador Silk Throw (some fringe will need to be sewn back on)
1148.Eagle Throw; Pattern blue throw
1149.King Size Horse Comforter (had couple holes)
1150.Wolf Throw (binding loose- one place)
1151.Throw- ragged; Wrangler Shirt
1152.2 Sleeping Bags- Pooh & Princess
1153.Vintage Practical Cookbook; Six ingredients or less slow cooker; Taste of Home, etc
1154.The Country Doctor Handbook; Women's Health & Emotional Healing; The Home Medical Encyclopedia
1155.Children's Books- Disney; ABC; Archie; etc
1156.Corner Shelf
1157.Small Glass Top Patio Table
1158.Glass Top Patio/ Lawn Table
1159.Small box towels, wash rags, etc
1160.Tray Tools, etc
1161.Firestick Antennas
1162.Craftsman 2 Pc Roll Around Tool Box with contents, tools, etc
1163.Pipe wrench, hex key, hammer
1164.Ext Cord, Trouble Light, Electric Stapler
1165.Smaller roll around tool chest w/ contents. Door will need reattached.
1166.Single Drawer Night Stand
1167.Hand Truck/ Dolly
1168.Murray Tri Cycle
1169.Bolens 20" Gas Mower. Tried & tested by MM. Started right up, think he even mowed some grass with it
1170.Hello Kitty Bicycle
1171.Home Decor- Pictures & Plaques
1172.Lighthouse Collection (one is a night light type)
1173.Wrought Iron Stand, Unique Shell Bowl, Light Globe, Rattan Bowl
1174.3 Pc Dresser Set- Mirror, Brush, Comb
1175.Compass Set, Ink Pad, Scrapbooking Stuff, etc
1176.Whale Bank with money inside
1177.Child's Sewing Machine, Thread, Needles, Etc. (untested- needs an A/C power cord)
1178.Bicycle Basket; Rocks; Polished Stones; Serenity Prayer; Miniature Shell Collection
1179.(2) Decanters/ Canisters for Storage
1180.Bunnies; Small Kerosene Lamp; Glassware: Etc
1181.3 Flintstone Mugs; Candy/ Nut Compote; round Vase
1182.Kerosene Lamp
1183.Tea Kettle; Fondue Pot
1184.(5) DVD Movies (children related)
1185.16 +- DVDs
1186.16 +- DVDs
1187.(3) Lord of the Rind DVDs
1188.Tru Blood Second Season
1189.Vintage Shoe Lasts, Pic Head, Sledge Hammer Head, Saw, Old Mirror, Ammo belt, etc
1190.Vintage mirror, fountain pens (they were in a Shaeffer box), transistor radio, Portland Oregon souvenir letter opener, etc
1191.(1) 1971 Eisenhower Silver Dollar; (3) Kennedy Halves; (2) Susan B Anthony Dollars; (1) Sacagawea Dollar - pennies, nickels, etc. Cabela's tokens
1192.Strings- Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Violin, Mandolin
1193.Vintage razor, candle plug in warmer, wax, cutting board, etc
1194.Billard's Clock
1195.Sterling & Noble No 9 Clock
1196.(4) Asst Shelves
1197.Small display with chicken wire door
1198.Wall mirror with small shelf
1199.Vintage wooden box 24" x 12" x 12" +- (bigger than a bread box)
1200.Knife Block with knives
1201.(2) Vintage The Modern Gunsmith Books; Farmer's Shop Book; Get Tough
1202.10 Dolls + other figures
1203.Workforce tool box plastic 12.5" + contents
1204.Dooney & Bourke Vintage Handbag (small hole in back - see picture); Vintage Franco Sarto Purse/ handbag
1205.Love Book Holder; Decorative Storage Box
1206.(2) Storage Containers; Owl Kitchen Rug
1207.Drill Bits- green box
1208.Gold color drill bits in red metal box
1209.Cooking Tool
1210.Trailer Hitch w/ ball& pin
1211.Pair waders size 8
1212.Plates, cups, utensils in cup
1213.Whiskey decanters (Hatfield has no lid); ceramic figures
1214.Flat box tools as pictured
1215.Lawn & Garden Ornaments- gnomes/ rabbits; decanters; urns; etc
1216.Ceramic Pumpkin
1217.Guitar Hero Guitar/ PS2 Game. Untested
1219.Cellphones & chargers. 2 in front left have cracked screens. 2 in back appear OK. I have another Samsung Galaxy 111 that I am charging up- will go in this box. No passwords or anything
1220.Racing Card Album; Plaques
1221.Ralph Stanley CD & Garth Brooks
1222.9 VCR Tapes
1223.20 + DVDs
1224.19 +- DVDs
1225.Kenmore HD Electric Dryer. Needs cord replaced
1226.Waders size 8
1227.Rockport Shoes 11 1/2; Caroline boots 10- 4 e; handkerchief; cap
1228.(2) 6 1/2' - 2x6's (must see in person)
1229.(2) 6 1/2' - 2x4's (must see in person)
1230.(3) Gas Cans
1231.(3) Gas Cans
1232.(2) Dollie Tires & Wheels
1233.(3) Plastic Chairs
1234.Vintage 5 Gal Igloo Galvanized Water Can
1235.Plant Stand & Croquet Mallots
1236.Starter/ seed Planters
1237.(2) Tool Boxes w/ contents
1238.Rubbermaid Stool Tool Box w/ contents
1239.Top to rabbit cage (your guess?)
1240.Trailer Hitch/ Ball/Pin
1241.Lot New & Used Paintbrushes (not toothbrushes)
1242.(2) Boxes Christmas & Pictures
1243.6 Boxes, 1 Bucket- Lot- Wholesale Lot
1244.2 Boxes Canning Jars and a lonely pop bottle
1245.Wholesale lot 3 Box lots; galvanized tub
1246.4 +- Box Lots (one is a box of towels); 2 Basket Lots; Crate Lot
1247.4 +- Box lots; tractor tire; vents
1248.Fan (yes it works); tub- work clothes; tray
1249.3 Box lots, bucket & tote. 1 box has girls clothes 4T-5. (I did have some of the flat boxes on top of the table, MM said he needed the room- so he put under the table. Remember one box had lawn & garden ornaments. End of story)
1250.Pallet lot- Galvanized Steel Wire Round Tomato Cages, Prybars, etc


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