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Nellie Boggs Estate - This auction now in progress!!!

Item Description
6901.1880 S XF40 Morgan Silver Dollar
6902.1882 S XF40
6903.1887 S XF Morgan Silver Dollar
6904.1890 S Morgan Silver Dollar
6905.1891 S XF Morgan Silver Dollar
6906.1891 S XF Morgan Silver Dollar
6907.1900 O XF40 Morgan Silver Dollar
6908.1921 S XF40 Morgan Silver Dollar
6909.1999 Gold Layered State Quarter- PA, NJ, GA, CT, DE
6910.2000 Gold Layered State Quarter-Md, SC, NH, Ms, Va
6911.2001 Gold Layered State Quarter- NC, RI, Vt, Ky, NY
6912.2002 Gold Layered State Quarter- OH, LA, IN, TN, MS
6913.2003 Gold Layered State Quarter- AL, ME, MO, IL, AR
6914.2004 Gold Layered State Quarter- MI, FL, TX, WI, IA
6915.2005 Gold Layered State Quarter- CA, MN, OR, KS, WV
6916.2005 Westward Journey Nickel Series
6917.The Last Twenty Years of the Obsolete Lincoln Wheat-Ear Penny 1939-1958
6918.Total (7) 2-2008 Lincoln Cent Denver & Pa Mint; (4) 2009 Phil; (1) 2010 Phil
6919.Total (5) 4-2009 Denver 1- 2010 Denver
6920.(3) Pennies D. P. BU- Brilliant Uncirculated
6921.(7) Total. (2) 1960 BU P (5) 1961 D & P
6922.11 total. (7) 1962 BU P D (4) 1963 BU P D
6923.8 Total 1964 BU P D
6924.8 Total. (2) 1965 BU; (1) 1966 P; (5) 1968 BU P S
6925.5 Total 1969 BU D S
6926.(5) Total. (2) 1960's Late Date; (1) 1970's S Mint; (1) All 1980's P & D; (1) 1994 BU D
6927.1 lb 4 oz 20 30 Mixed Dates
6928.1996 Commemorative Olympic Sport Medallions - Athletics - Diving
6929.(1) Marine Coin; (1) Declaration of Independence; (2) Large Foreign Coins
6930.Vintage Bradford Exchange Christmas 10 Spirit of the Wilderness WOLF Porcelain Ornaments. Each ornament has a beautiful image of wolves in various poses and scenes. Each ornament is topped with a silver wolf charm and string to hang as part of your home decor. Good condition. Each measures 2.75" across. +-
6931.Brinks Safe with 2 Keys. Model AK 430829. Approximately 9 1/2 h × 12" w × 8 1/2 depth
6932.8 Lena Livi's Treasury of Jeweled Hummingbird Collection. Bradford Edition
6933.1 Lot Jewelry. Necklaces. Necklace Sets. Cameo. Mother's Pin, etc
6934.The DANBURY MINT Ladies GOLD Tone, Jeweled Wrist Watch. Quartz. Looks NEW IN BOX. Running. Expansion band
6935.Owl Pendant; Owl Earrings; Owl Necklace; Owl Ring Watch
6936.Watch, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Miniatures Stones in bags, Findings
6937.1993 Cumberland Registry Legendary Ladies of Country Music Plate- Minnie Pearl
6938.(3) Ashton Drake/ Thomas Kinkade Memories of Christmas Snowmen Collection
6939.(2) Magnifiers- hand held and Helping Hand Magnifier
6940.Bradford Exchange 1997 The People's Princess Diana
6941.Approximately 60 Rings +-. Size 9 & 10. Update on rings- counted 61. Approximately 18 +- have markings such as: 14K Gold Plated-CZ, Topaz; Sterling Silver markings-CC925, 925 BGE, HMT, ZMI; Genuine Onyx with dia; Faux Pearl; 10K*; 10KS, 10K; 14K. Recommend you inspect before bidding. 6 rings are smaller than 9/10
6942.Serving bowl & plate; swirl pattern; light green
6943.Strawberry Planter
6944.Merle Haggard on CD Collection Down Every Road 1962-1994
6945.Lexibook The American Heritage Electronic Dictionary. T&T
6946.Black Marble Bucket, wooden handle. Not old, just looks old. Maybe 7 1/2" H +-
6947.Roll Around Cart (need couple pins to hold up shelf)
6948.Hand-crank Grinder
6949.Vintage Apple Peeler
6950.Vintage Triner Hanging Scales
6951.Aluminum Grease holder; tin measuring utensils; etc
6952.Kerosene Lantern no globe - with vintage marbles
6953.#8 Ball Jar Kerosene Lamp
6954.Vintage food & meat grinder
6955.2 Sad Irons
6956.Vintage lamp- as pictured
6957.Piece of butter mold - missing stamp
6958.Vintage Maple Syrup Taps
6959.Vintage meat cleavers
6960.Vintage Meat Tenderizer
6961.Vintage Electric Horn- untested
6962.(2) Vintage Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle Blue Luna Cafe, Double Handle Ribbed with lids; clear bottle; tea canister
6963.(2) Cobalt Blue - Green - Aqua Jars with wire bail lids
6964.(2) Honey; Green; Portugal- Bottles
6965.(4) Brown Bottles; (1) Brown Jug. Glass
6966.At least 2 of these are the Lancer Whiskey/ Wine Crock Jars; Brown Stone Jars/ Crocks
6967.(3) Knives
6968.5 Pc Star Pattern Stainless; 3 USN Pieces
6969.26 Pc +- Old Silverware
6970.15 Pc flatware
6971.Vintage Disney Webby Vanderquack Jello Mold 1989 Duck Tales Huey, Dewey, Louie. Daisy
6972.33 Pc Fine China Japan Florentine
6973.Ceramic Chicken Soup Tureen. Hairline crack
6974.Chiminea Candle Incense Chimney Luminaria Glazed Ceramic Indoor Legged. Moon, Star cutouts will glow nicely with a large candle inside
6975.Vintage Van Wyck Mixer. Powers on
6976.Pickle/ Barrel Jar. Wire / wood handle
6977.Golf Travel Bag Carrier. Maxfli, wheeled. Golf Travel Carrier - like new condition
6978.4'x6' Trailer. Tires 480/400 x8, 5 bolt. Homemade. No title
6979.Handmade Primitive Sled
6980.Leather Vest. Rubio Leather New York Leather Vest (no size)
6981.eMachines 107-Key Keyboard; USB Interface for Easy Installation
6982.Cabinet 24"x14"x18"
6983.Black Wooden Desk (?) 24"x20"x48". Resembles entertainment center. You could repurpose into a bench, etc
6984.Auction will "begin to end" on Thursday, October 1st at 7:00 PM with 2 items ending per minute. Payment and Pickup will be Friday, October 2nd 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
6985.Lane Cedar Chest. Leg needs repaired- it wobbles. Will need refinished
6986.7 Drawer Dresser 14" x 20" x 34" with mirror
6987.Bassett Mid Century Modern Dresser. Some knobs need replaced. May have scratches
6988.Shelf. Wooden. Heart Cut Outs. (end needs attached)
6989.DVD/ CD Rack
6990.Cabinet 32" x 32" x 20"
6991.Oak Two Drawer Table 26" x 36" x 16"
6992.Window Blinds. small one is 37"x60"
6993.Muffler (??)
6994.Bekomat (something to do with compressed air- Condensate Drains)
6995.Sears Gauges (??)
6996.Celery Tray, Relish / Divided Dishes, Tea Pocket Cup, Salt shaker
6998.Vase; Red Globe
6999.Paper Towel Holder. Shabby Chic is still in style
7000.2 Cabinet Doors 17"x13" +-
7001.Gravy Boat
7002.Flower Pots-Ceramic
7003.Stocking Up Rodale Press. How to Preserve the Foods You Grow, Naturally.
7004.Freezing & Canning Books, Magazines
7005.Books, magazines- Organic gardening 1989
7006.Watkins Salad Book; Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Better Homes & Garden
7007.Pressure switch
7008.#14 Galvanized Bucket w/ handle
7009.Vintage Ash Trays
7010.Selling as a collector's items: Original Jivaro Amazon Blow Gun. Never inhale or take a breath when your mouth is close to the blowgun. Accidental inhalations of darts happen, sometimes even with safety devices.
7011.Vintage Washboard
7012.Briggs & Stratton 5 HP Motor (have no idea- we were told it did)
7013.Quilt Blocks Book
7014.Veterinary Guide Book
7015.3 Gallon Oil-less 100 PSI Air Compressor
7016.A.H. PATON Clarksville Tenn Grinder piece
7017.Vintage Cherry Seeded (mounted on old board)
7018.Enterprise Cherry Seeder/ Stoner #1463
7019.Vintage Flare/ Torch. Does have a name (I cannot make it out)
7020.Hanson Hanging Scale
7021.Piece to a Churn mechanism
7022.Vintage Melting Pot
7023.Vintage hatchet
7024.Bits & Pieces to assorted vintage items
7025.Vintage Pitcher & Urn
7026.(7) Quart Green Ball Jars # 0,5,6,7,8,
7027.(6) Half Gallon Green Ball Jars #1,2,8,10
7028.(2) Green Ball Jars #10. There are charts online to help you date these
7029.Pink Depression, assorted lids- milk glass hen, Homer Laughlin Sugar Bowl Lid, Bubble glass mint/ candy dish, etc
7030.Vintage mixture saucers; jadeite; 50's; AH cup; Harvest... gotta be some Fire King, etc
7031.Garden Books
7032.Cookbooks, magazines
7033.How to Book; Book of Freebies
7034.Craft, Doll, Jewelry Books
7035.Electric Food Grinder. Powers on. Not sure if all pieces match or are there
7036.Krups The Butcher Shop Grinder. Powers on
7037.Notebook, Color Inkjet Refill Kits (easy as 1,2,3), Pen
7038.Kitchen Counter Cures- Health Book
7039.Almanac Books
7040.The Easy Way to Play 100 Unforgettable Hits
7041.Eyeglasses, hair bands, watch, etc
7042.Revlon Curling Iron 1/2" Barrel, 400 degree, 3x ceramic coating, 30 second heat up. T&T for heat
7043.1992 Spartan Yearbook
7044.Sanyo 32" Flat Screen TV. NO remote. T&T for power
7045.US Quarter Display (only-no coins)
7046.Tote- portable vac, box, basket, etc
7047.Auction will "begin to end" on Thursday, October 1st at 7:00 PM with 2 items ending per minute. Payment and Pickup will be Friday, October 2nd 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
7048.Wire rack with dishes- 2 gravy boats, vases, etc
7049.Cooler suitable for worms; glassware; etc 9 (was told possibly a White House Vinegar in this lot-those who know will recognize it)
7050.Cooler suitable for worms, knives, wire rack, unidentified object
7051.Bassinet, basket, contents
7052.Montgomery Ward Chain Saw for parts or repair
7053.TV Antenna
7054.Tote, heater, speakers, shoes, etc
7055.Tote & contents- garden tool, paint roller, (I see a blue & white lid), etc (this is like I Spy)
7056.Tote, vaporizer, shoes, etc
7057.Tote, dolls, etc
7058.Tote, contents, picture, Coke bottle, light, books, etc
7059.Laundry basket, miscellaneous
7060.Box lot- bat, etc AND #7061- Tote of toys
7062.China Cabinet- will need work
7063.SS Box, Door Track, Saw Horse (that's all)
7064.Garbage can & contents
7065.Flower pots, vases, etc
7066.Storm door 32"x78" +-
7067.Think this was some type gate
7068.Pallet lot- flower planters, etc (just what's on the pallet)
7069.Shelf lots- cracked crocks & jugs; lids, saucers, plates
7070.3 Shelf lots- Refrigerator glass lids, relish dish, Seville china, etc
7071.Shelf lots-Rooster, Vases, Boots, Books, Lighted Angel, Pie Safe Clock, Etc
7072.2 Shelf lots- Dishes, Vases
7073.3 Shelf lots- Hot Rollers, rollers, glassware


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