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Item Description
3701.Jewelry Box with jewelry
3702.Porcelain Doll w/ Bear. Appears new in box
3703.Plastic tray with watches, etc
3704.The Angelus (Millet) The painting depicts two peasants bowing in a field over a basket of potatoes to say a prayer, the Angelus, that together with the ringing of the bell from the church on the horizon marks the end of a day's work.
3705.Hull Planter
3706.Wonder Woman Diana Prince
3707.Prints. Full Cry & Returning Home by George Wright. Hunting Scenes
3708.Vanitee 3 Pc Box Set
3709.8 Pc Vintage Milk White Glass Lunch Plate Snack Plate Embossed Cup
3710.Vintage Matador And Senora Ceramic Bust Spanish Couple Bullfighter Chalk; Matador Tapestry/ Wall Hanging
3711.Milton Storage Tower Containers, Locking, Stainless Steel Insert
3712.3-Sided Jewelry Rack with Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Etc
3713.2 Pictures- Framed & Matted. Country Church; House by a Stream
3714.Set Of 2 Vintage Homco Boy & Girl Wall Hangings
3715.Referred to as "Primitive Wallpaper Boxes" 7 pc Set
3716.God Bless America Country Primitive Light- working
3717.(2) Animal Prints; Framed & Matted
3718.Large Chaney Wall Clock, wrought iron & metal. This is the correct time when I took this picture on 6-17-2020
3719.Framed & Matted House by Stream Picture (another one just like it lot #3713)
3720.Jewelry Christmas Tree Framed- One of a kind
3721.Nite Light T&T
3722.Oak Framed Print
3723.Solid Brass Collection (10); International Silver Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments
3724.Santa Cookie Jar
3725.(2) Lamps T&T (I'll probably keep that bulb, as I put it there- it's just a prop)
3726.Pair Heavy Brass Lamps T&T
3727.Flying Geese Picture- Dimensional/ 3D? (it's like they are moving)
3728.Santa Figure dated 2007
3729.(5) Boxes Old fashioned Candle Sets
3730.(3) Reindeer. 2 are paper mache; other is animated plastic (I believe)
3731.Christmas Clock (I can't get it to sing- which is probably good)
3732.Santa Tealight & Santa Card Holder
3733.Musical/ Animated Ice Skaters
3734.(2) Santas. One is Madison Avenue 9" Santa Musical Glazed Porcelain, Gold Accent; Other is Porcelain with Gold Accent Old World Santa
3735.Large Christmas Tree Skirt
3736.Country Primitive Wooden Angel w/ Light
3737.Jesus at Birth; Jesus at Lord's Supper. Pictures
3738.1998 Ohio State University
3739.Walton's 5-10; small building. (have to come up with you own light)
3740.Dept 56 The Original Snow Village Pinewood Log Cabin (must find own light)
3741.New with tag- Tree Skirt- pre-priced &79.
3742.Hope you understand the meaning of this picture
3743.Blue & White Teapot (no lid)-Fine English Tableware Churchhill. Made Staffordshire, England. Edwardian Childhood by Spode - 4 Pc set
3744.Mexico Souvenirs-
3745.Country Primitive Wire Deer Basket, handle, legs
3746.Small Corner Shelf (appears to be freestanding); Metal Wire Basket w/ handle-looks Christmasie
3747.Large lot- doilies, scarves, crocheted items, Cow that goes over a vac, etc
3748.Back Massager - works (except I could not get heat to work- also, adaptor rattles and looks like it wants to come apart. BUT it Does work)
3749.(3) Backpacks
3750.Picture, distressed frame
3751.Carousel Picture- Framed & Matted
3752.Young Girl w/ Dog Picture; Framed & Matted
3753.Clock w/ Motorcycle on face of clock- working
3754.Clock w/ Motorcycle on face of clock- working
3755.Clock w/ Motorcycle on face of clock- working
3756.(2) Toy Prints- Framed & Matted
3757.Desk, Bookcase Print Framed/ matted
3758.Print by Clayborn Dotson believed to be named Hard Times
3759.Sports Illustrated The Great Home Run Race; Marine Ornament
3760.Clock & Musical Bird Basket. Working
3761.Trinket/ Dresser Boxes
3762.Pottery & Blue & White Collection
3763.Planters & Statue (on right has a sticker; middle marked USA)
3764.Vintage Mirror -Wooden Frame
3765.(4) Flower Prints
3766.Stag Handle Knife Set (confirm name on this)
3767.Unique Wooden Display Case, sliding glass front
3768.Norman Rockwell- Commencement; Take Your Medicine; New Arrival; Saturday Evening Post-Bone China. Gorham Fine Porcelain Figure- Saturday Evening Post Cover
3769.Miniature Cabinet w/ Thimble Collection
3770.Pistol Grip (not beef jerky)
3771.6 Packs Playing Cards; Plus American Idol Card Game
3772.Primitive Union/ Confederacy Checker Game
3773.Cub Scout Books Scales. Powers on/ weighs
3775.Cigar Boxes
3776.Soldier Bear Productions Special Occasion Doll
3777.Handkerchief Set; Suspenders
3778.US Army Bear
3779.Panasonic Razor- charges & powers on (I cut nothing); Dana Buchman Bag
3780.Roosevelt Picture
3781.Large Christmas Wreath
3782.Wall Hanging
3783.4 Drawer Desk
3785.Barn Picture; Framed & Matted
3786.Lighthouse Picture; Framed & Matted
3787.Doll & Chair
3788.(1) Lot Toys - Cra-z-Art; Go Glam; Discovery; etc
3789.(1) Lot Toys- L.O.L. etc
3790.Discovery Kids Light-Up Musical Microphone and Stand. Removable padded housing stores smartphone for MP3 music or reading song lyrics. T&T
3791.(2) Disney Pixar Movie Posters June 24
3792.Box sewing, craft (looks like mostly beads)
3793.Box sewing, craft, cutting board, beads, etc
3794.Red Shelves- wall & free standing
3795.(5) New in Pkg- Building Block Base As Seen on TV
3796.(5) New in Pkg- Building Block Base As Seen on TV
3797.White Christmas Tree
3798.32" Fiber Optic Tree
3799.The Lord's Last Supper. On Velvet
3800.Shakertown @ Peasant Hill, Ky
3801.No Sew Throw Fleece Kit. Ages 5+. New
3802.Growing Up With Barbie 1959-1997
3803.New with tag. Grinch PJ Bottoms. Size XL. Junior Sleep Lounge
3804.Rider Sandals NWT size 3
3805.(2) Discovery Exploration Laptop - appear NIB- check them out though
3806.Play Kitchen
3807.Bag of toys- fun toys
3808.Christmas paper + other (see Spiderman)
3809.Bicycle with training wheels. Sparkles 18. Think tires need air
3810.Dog Collection. Some miniatures were bone china
3811.Faribo Bayberry Blanket (NIB)
3812.Unicorn Collection (2 have damage)
3813.Snowman Pullover NWT size large 14
3814.(5) Pkg Material (NIP). Moffat Weavers. Marked- 1 yd, skirt length
3815.(4) Unicorn Musicals
3816.Raggedy Ann Ceramic Planter (smaller than it looks). Some list this as vintage
3817.Vases, Urn
3818.Turkey Platters & Plate
3819.Decorative Jars with lids; dresser jar with lid
3820.Decorative Platter, Plates; Bavarian Wall Plate
3821.(2) Red Tupperware Pitchers w/ lids and Infuser Insert
3822.Gerber Not N Cold Feeding Dish w/ box; instructions. (I could not get to heat, so serve cold. Or buy only as a collectible item)
3823.(3) Enamel Bowls. Strawberry design
3824.7 Pc (Counting Lids) Vintage Cookware. Strawberry design.
3825.CDs, Cassettes, VCR Tapes
3826.Adjustable Tripod
3827.Pampered Chef Snowman Platter; (4) Matching Appetizer Plates (saucers)
3828.Moose Plates
3829.VuPoint Handheld Wand Scanner (will be interesting to try this out- watch youtube video)
3830.(2) Ladies Wallets
3831.Games & Puzzles
3832.Nail Polish NIP; Hair Chalk
3833.Hooked on Phonics Pre-K Level 2 Ages 3-4 (workbook has been used)
3834.Children's Crafts
3835.Floor Puzzle Kids. Appears to be ABC. 3 Bags sealed puzzles
3836.MINDSCOPE Neon Glow Twister Sport Car Flexible Tracks - 2 cars. Cars light up, speed around track (or on floor)
3837.Baby Wanna Walk. Appears new in open box
3838.Tie, zip, buckle Minnie; Mickey
3839.Thomas the Train Case; Spiderman; Webkinz; Disney Pixar; etc
3840.Toy Gun, Holster, Power Horn
3841.Chenille Spread; Ragged Quilt; Afghan (crocheted spread)
3842.Large lot of gloves
3843.Enesco Gold Foil Christmas Tree Rhinestone Designed Giftware
3844.Paperback Books Little women & The Call of the Wild
3845.4 Drawer Desk (Or some have said - looks like a dresser bottom)
3846.Lego & other blocks
3847.Child's Chair ( I know someone that could paint you anything you wanted on this chair )
3848.Infant Cradle
3849.Bed/ Box Spring/Mattress/ NightStand
3850.(2) Ladies Coats- gray one is Lazarus of Virginia
3851.Aigner Jacket size 14; David Benjamin Size 7/8; Liz Claiborne size 14
3852.Vela Peg-Perego Stroller (need to google this- I saw one for $399). Believe this is Italian made. I know sure easy to push. Suppose to be one hand fold, and stand on its own
3853.Quilt Rack
3854.Vintage Heater/ Register Cover
3856.Box lot asst. baskets
3857.Assorted Compacts
3858.3 Glasbake Cups; Small hull pitcher
3859.Ransbottom Pottery Crock. Roseville, Oh
3860.2 Cookie Jars
3861.4 Pc Pottery (Roseville on right has damage)
3862.Bath & Body; Health & Beauty
3863.Tea Set
3864.4 Pc Pottery
3865.Antique Body Fat Caliper; Knife Set; Ladle
3866.(2) Sweetheart Pillow Cases; Mother Amarillo Field Texas Pillow Cover; Portugal decorative stitched Apron
3867.Clock (battery needs replaced)
3868.La Mode Illustrée French Fashion Prints-Victorian fashion prints. Copies
3869.Large Glass Bowl; 4 Matching Smaller Bowls. Square Bottoms. Love Vases. Small bud vase
3870.Mirrored tray; Vintage Silver Brush/ Comb Set; Miniature Trinket Boxes; Brush
3871.Mirrored Tray; Collectible Perfume Bottles; Ash Tray; etc
3872.Black Lacquer Tray; 3 Pc Candlesticks; (2) Small Porcelain on left are music boxes; blue shoe; makeup jar
3873.Squirrel, Mouse Collection, miniatures, etc
3874.3 Pc Milk Glass with plastic fruit; (2) Ceramic Birds; Pilgrim Pitcher (maybe discovery of America- looks like I see Paul Revere)
3875.42 Pc +- Dynasty Fine China
3876.Ornate Silver Sugar Scuttle Bowl With Scoop; Dresser Jar with see Thru Lid; S&P; Small Aluminum Pitcher; 2 Tier Tray
3877.Cup/ Saucer Sets. Queen Anne Bone China Made in England. Poppy Spencer Stevenson Bone China England
3878.4 Pc Stoneware Heart Dishes. Speckled green
3879.42 +- Pc Queen Anne Signature Collection (38-42/ can't read my own writing)
3880.2 Large bowls (purple & gold- someone told me they collected purple)
3881.Spun Glass Tree, Revolving Musical Movement; Collectible Santas
3882.10 Insulators
3883.Porcelain Doll in Chair
3884.Lot Material; pair cowboy/ western curtains (approx 56x84??)
3885.(7) Porcelain Dolls (one looks like a Byer- but could not find marking). One is fairy tale doll- red curly locks.
3886.Divided tray, pitcher=small
3887.Gold Carnival Compote Fruit Bowl; Sandwich/ Serving Plate/ Tray; Covered Candy Dish
3888.Kids coloring/ activity books
3889.Conair Hot Lotion Dispenser
3890.Our Wedding Day Picture Frames; Scrapbook
3891.Dynasty Ovenproof Glassware 6 Piece Nesting Set W/Flowered Pattern
3892.3 Serving Bowls (larger in person)
3893.(3) Lunch Box Tins (should have puzzles inside); Mini Metal Puzzles
3894.3D Puzzles; Disney Planes Puzzle; Puzzles in a box (believe I count a total of 5)
3895.(8) Merry Christmas Cups
3896.Food Scales; Flashlight (needs battery); Cards/ sealed
3897.6 Pc Cup, Saucer, Spoon Set w/ rack
3898.Cooks Warming Tray; 3 Compartment Serving Dish
3899.2 Boxes. Easter. Purses (catalog says material, do you see material, I don't see any material)
3900.Box Christmas; porcelain nativity
3901.(1) Box material
3902.(1) Box material, scrap material, etc
3903.(2) Boxes material, scrap material, etc
3904.(1) Box material, scrap material, etc
3905.Wholesale lot- Basket/ Boxes/ Crate/ Shoes/Boots
3906.Box material, patterns, etc
3907.Tote - household, etc
3908.Box lot Baskets
3909.(2) Baskets; fall decor; etc
3910.(2) Boxes toys
3911.Tote with toys, stuffed animals
3912.Box lot toys- logs, Dolls, stuffed animals, etc
3913.Box lot dolls
3914.(2) Boxes toys- puzzles; wooden toys; etc
3915.Hamper (or toy box) with toys
3916.Box dolls, sock monkey, etc
3917.(6) Porcelain Dolls
3918.Shams; Bed Skirt; Tapestry
3919.Box ribbon, sewing, craft, etc
3920.Box lot toys- Olaf, WV, Etc
3921.Box lot Christmas; Graco Step Stool
3922.Box lot Halloween, etc
3923.Box lot Halloween, etc


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