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Item Description
6701.2008 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS. Auto, Cruise, Driver Power Seat, Roof Rack, A/C, P/W, PDL, AM/FM, CD, Towing Package, Good Tires. 110,000 miles, driven daily. Runs, drives good, good title. 6-Cyl, 4.2 Liter, Automatic, 4-Spd w/Overdrive. Deep Purple
6702.1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE-V6, 4 Wheel Driver, Auto, AM/FM Radio; P/S; PDL, Runs Good
6703.Large Black Vase Haeger 19 " +-
6704.Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
6705.Silver Pitcher SRS 2701
6706.Cast Iron Tea Kettle
6707.8" +- Brass Pitcher
6708.Reed & Barton Water Pitcher 3513 (check #). Marked on bottom. Someone has painted it gold
6709.US Savings Bond Stamp Book
6710.Sunset Drive Inn Theater Admit One Tickets, Charmco, WV
6711.Vintage Coal Miner's Hat
6712.Auto Lite Miner's Carbide Lamp
6713.Fishing Basket
6714.John L Lewis UMW President Picture & Others; C&O 1950 Tracks Magazine
6715.Cast Iron Bell
6716.Owl Cast Iron Bell
6717.Vintage JOTUL NORWAY Cast Iron Pizzelle Kurmkake Pancake Crepe Stove Top Press
6718.Canvas Duck Decoy glass Eyes. Seller says probably dates to 1920's
6719.Pistol Holster/ Holder & Belt
6720.Gerber Gear; Holster
6721.Old Handmade Child's Toy Cabinet
6722.Bag of marbles
6723.Half Pint Jar Marbles
6724.Half Pint Jar Marbles
6725.Jar Marbles/ wire bail. 5" +-
6726.Red Mill Hunter w/ Rifle Figurine -Textured & highly detailed.
6727.USA Ovenware Stoneware Bowl
6728.Vintage Hull Pink Poodle Planter Hull USA, 55 and 38
6729.Costume Jewelry- screw on & clip on earrings (I'm working on matching them up)
6730.Sterling Silver Necklace / Bracelet
6731.3 Knives
6732.Revelation Pocket Knife
6733.Revelation Pocket Knife
6734.Revelation Pocket Knife
6735.Kentucky Toothpick Knife w/ sheath. Blade approx 7" +-
6736.Hunting Knife w/ sheath. Blade approx 6" +-
6737.Hunting Knife w/ sheath. Blade approx 7 1/2" -8" +-
6738.Vintage Original Straw Jar
6739.Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co Oil Jar
6740.Blue Willow Grill Plate Chipped
6741.Made in England Butter Dish
6742.Pfaltzgraff Butter Dish
6743.Mar-Crest Pottery Bean Pot w/ lid
6744.Mar-Crest Pottery Daisy Dot Cookie Jar
6745.Stoneware Dog Dishes. Roseville, Ohio
6746.Hilton Head S.C. Stone Jar
6747.Blue & white Pickle Crock
6748.McCoy Bean Pot, wire handle. Although it has the look of hammered Copper/Bronze it is in fact a pottery item.
6749.Potteryware Car Planter
6750.Ovenware USA Kitchen Bowl
6751.Extra Large Fiesta Platter. 14" +-
6752.Cowboy Planter Boots (with damage at top- see picture)
6753.Stone Jar w/ lid. markings on bottom
6754.6 Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf Custard Bowls
6755.Large Stone Jug 13" +-
6756.2 Japan Wall Pockets-Birds; Chalkware Basket
6757.Barrel Cookie Jar (see small place on lid)
6758.Knotts Berry Farm Ceramic Canister
6759.Stoneware Cookie Jar (no lid)
6760.Large McCoy Mixing/ Dough Bowl
6761.Blue Butter Crock w/lid
6762.(3) Blue Ball Jars w/ Zinc Lids #1 & #6
6763.Gibraltar Carriage Clock, Precision, Crown on top
6764.Blue At Ball Jar w/ Zinc Lid #3
6765.Blue 1/2 Gallon Ball Jar w/ Zinc Lid #7
6766.1 Lot License Plates. Texas. 1 WV Bicentennial
6767.3 Plastic Wall Hanging Cars (Homco, Syroco, Dart, OR Burwood Decor STYLE)
6768.1926 Book Slaves of Destiny by Pearl Doles Bell; Golden Threshold by Sarojini Naidu; Elson-Gray Basic Reader- Vintage School Book
6769.Lenox Full Lead Crystal Lighthouse- I believe these are S&P
6770.(2) Royal Ruby Anchor Glass Tumblers
6771.Vtg Wolfschmidt Vodka Gold-Plated 2oz Drinking Shot Glass Egg 8 w/Caddy
6772.McCoy - Smiling Clown (Happy) Cup - Miniature Glazed Stone Jar
6773.2 Planters (must be unmarked). Elephant & Bear w/ honey pot
6774.Wacky Tin Bird or Goofy
6775.Pink Butter Dish
6776.Metal Liberty Bell Bookends
6777.Scottish Terrier Book ends
6778.Crayola 90th Anniversary Tin Box w/ contents
6779.Vintage (think a Rubbermaid) Turntable lazy Susan Canister Set
6780.Vintage Clip on Sun Visor Mirror. Travel and Service record on each end.... beginning mileage, etc
6781.Metal/ tin lunch box. No thermos
6782.Starfrit Apple Pro-Peeler
6783.Maxwell House Coffee Maker (Possibly 30 Cup Metal Percolator WestBend 1970's Vintage- check it out and confirm)
6784.(3) Cast Iron Pieces= Bell Telephone Truck, Murphy Rotary Pig; Little Red Riding Hood
6785.Vintage 1988 LONGABERGER Basket Slanted Angled Double Handle Vegetable Signed.
6786.Campbell's Soup Thermos Container Red Version
6787.Ritz Tin & Pillsbury Sweet Minis Cups
6788.Vintage Devilbiss Perfume Atomizer with box; Adj. Tip
6789.Fenton Red Glass Bell. Roses on Ruby. Sticker inside
6790.Deer Antlers
6791.(2) Atlas Jars with Glass Lids Wire Bail
6792.Longaberger Round Basket Leather Handles - Basket-signed-dated-think 1995 (I can't read MM's writing). 3 Tin Butterflies
6793.Someone referred to this as a "Large Metal Lunch Box". I believe it to be a tool box
6794.(2) WV (1) Dollywood Cap
6795.Games - Chess & others in Tin Box (more game boards- retake picture)
6796.(6) Exclusive Fostoria Lead Crystal from Avon's 92nd Anniversary Prize Program
6797.Michael Jackson & Old Vintage Royal CANADIAN MOUNTIE Plastic Toy Doll (open & close eyes) Figure Red police
6798.(2) Cast Iron "Quiet" Signs
6799.Vintage Clear Glass Oil Lamp w/ Metal Wall Mount Bracket In Original Condition
6800.Mexico German Silver Baby Cup (more info on bottom of cup)
6801.Deitz Comet Lantern
6802.Sweet Talk French Style Rotary Desk Phone Brass Cream Colored
6803.Vintage mahmood ahmed perfume Box with bottles. Red velvet case. Could be Egyptian??
6804.Louis Marx & Co Revolving Beacon Tower. Online description- for use with Lionel trains. 13 1/2" tall with a rotating red and green beacon light. Heat from the light bulb causes the floating beacon to rotate.
6805.(2) Handsaws. Stanley- 8 Pt 26" Crosscut Saw
6806.50w & 300w Halogen Bulbs
6807.Black & Decker Snake Light- working now
6808.Clamp Light, works when you plug it in!
6809.Adjustable Halogen Lamp (will not work now- probably needs one of those halogen bulbs)
6810.Box markers, furniture wipes, bows (all untested)
6811.Dinner is Poured Sign; wine bottle/ glass holder; bread tray
6812.Pitcher & Bowl
6813.Vintage 78 RPM Vinyl Record made into a Clock. Perhaps one of a kind
6814.Picnic Basket with Cups/ Plates. Double sided hinged lids; gingham liner
6815.Rebel Flag Sofa Cover 110" x 70.5". NIP = new in package
6816.Pink Cameo Love Seat Cover 88" x 70.5" and chair cover 65" x 70.5". N.I.P.
6817.Camouflage Sofa Cover 110" x 70.5" N.I.P.
6818.Bell & Howell TDC Headliner 303 Model 703 1950's Slide Projector in case
6819.12 +- Record Albums- Dick Clark Rock n Roll; Elvis Christmas; Stonewall Jackson even Billy Mitchum (and I never knew he sang)
6820.Oscillating Electric Heater (untested by me- but I'm sure the seller tried it out before bringing)
6821.Vintage Woven Clothes Hamper
6822.Power Pro Blower Duct 20' 8"
6823.Large Stair Step Basket
6824.Large Wall Clock - mirrored/ unicorn/ note holder
6825.Grist Mill Picture
6826.3 Country Scene Pictures
6827.3 Ladder Back Chairs- Reed & Woven Bottom
6828.Vintage Rocker
6829.Clock & Mirror
6830.New Quickie Broom & Mop
6831.Vintage One Man Saw
6832.Vintage Reddi Whip Cooler (electric- note from seller- works good)
6833.Approx 4' Long Single Tree
6834.Noritake China Kent Design- as pictured 18 pc +-
6835.46 Pc +- Wheat Pattern Dishes (check name- picture blurry)
6836.6 Asst Plates for Cars
6837.1 Lot Asst Vintage Magazines- Life, Look, etc.
6838.Vintage Magazines Post 1960-1968
6839.Vintage Magazines Life 1946-1963
6840.Vintage Magazines Life 1971-1992
6841.Vintage Magazines Look & Life 1954-1971
6842.Vintage Magazines Life - Look- Post- Collier's
6843.Japan Oriental Figure, Planter (Haegar ?), Disappearing Woman Cup (or appearing woman cup), Collectibles
6844.Assorted President Badges, etc. Stevenson, Dewey, Cleveland, Truman....
6845.Badges, Patches, etc
6846.Asst. Advertising Lighters
6847.Paper collectibles- postcards- some postmarked 1918, receipts, Bank of Appomattox Receipt
6848.WV Centennial Map 1963, maps, postcard 1919 two cent stamp (I can't see in picture, please verify)
6849.1 Gallon Vinegar Jug with cork
6850.Vintage B&W Photo (ID people, place??), Book, Car Mirror
6851.Wrought Iron Violin Player; Metal Soldier
6852.3 Straight Razors
6853.Patches, Letter, Cards, etc
6854.Quartz Clock
6855.Old license plates
6856.Texas License Plates (and maybe others???)
6857.Oldsmobile Sign
6858.Main Street Sign
6859.Maid-Rite Wash Board
6860.Jesus Picture
6861.Vintage Tin Cans
6862.Camel, Tattoo, Etc Matchbooks
6863.Camel Matchbooks
6864.4 Pc Canister Set
6865.11" Black Amethyst Pitcher
6866.Bean Pot with 4 Bowls. Looks like McCoy, but not marked. Wire handle. Although it has the look of hammered Copper/Bronze it is in fact a pottery item
6867.1969 Newspapers Man on the Moon Editions
6868.Newspapers- Japan Declares War on U.S. and Great Britain- 1991 Anniversary Edition 50th Year
6869.Avon Flying Aircraft Airplanes Classics Lidded Ceramic Stein. Believed to be new. Rough box. (please verify what I tell you is true)
6870.Vintage Avon Tall Ships Ceramic Stein w/ box
6871.Avon Sporting Stein/ Decanter
6872.Old Car Decanter (more info on bottom)
6873.Baseball 1940 Decanter/ Stein (more info on bottom)
6874.(2) 1911 Ford Model T Steins (more info on bottom)
6875.Occupied Japan & Japan Steins/ Cup
6876.(2) 50th Anniversary Trinket Boxes
6877.Tin Horse Sculpture
6878.Asst Pictures- Don't Quit; Country Kitchen Scene; Legend of the Dogwood Tree; Angel Picture
6879.1 Lot License Plates
6880.Royal Taha Bone China MADE in Ireland Sugar & creamer; Shenango China Newcastle Pa Gravy Boat; New Orleans World Fair Souvenir; tape reel
6881.Sport Cards- football, etc
6882.Advertising Pencils
6883.Old Bottles
6884.Fallout Vault-Tec Lunch Box No Thermos. Prepare for the future
6885.Carousel Horse- if this is a clock- I've got it turned backwards- picture please; Flag Cigarette Lighter-new
6886.(3) Men's Cologne Black Polo; Red Polo; Habit Rouge
6887.Train Clock. Runs, but it's noisy - hummmmmmms
6888.(2) Lamps- working. Will need bulbs
6889.Great Neck 300' Open Reel Tape- new
6890.Schwinn Smart Talk Speaker Phone, both appear new
6891.Rapid Charger with batteries. Charges AA/ AAA/ 9V
6892.Minolta X700 Camera with flash attachment
6893.Long Stem Candy Nut Bon Bon Dish Compote
6894.Watch- Game Radio- Earphone Set
6895.Key Chain Digital Camera; Handheld Games
6896.HD Video Watch (will need batteries). Video- record & play back; Audio Photos; USB connected. Box states- rechargeable battery. Appears NIB - New in Box
6897.Corona Collectors Glass Set- Lime Salt; 2 Glasses; Sandal Bottle Opener
6898.Free Standing or Tree Truck Picture Ornament. Think you could personalize __________Tree Farm
6899.Art Glass Swan Dish (either company defect or has crack in glass??- be best if you inspect. Can't see it unless you hold up to a light)
6900.Cowboy Ice Bucket
6901.7 Function Digital Multi-meter
6902.Wrought Iron Pistol & Horseshoe bottle opener
6903.Cast Iron RR Sign
6904.Smith & Wesson Mug; Cows S&P; Ash Tray
6905.45 RPM Records
6906.(2) New Duck Dynasty Shower Curtains
6907.1 Cow Bell; 1 Hand Bell
6908.Pampered Chef Measuring Cup
6909.Vintage Stanley Plane 12"
6910.(3) Long John Silver's Porcelain Tankards
6911.Coal Mining Hat Wind Chime
6912.Horse & Wagon Picture Painted on Wood like
6913.Assorted signs tin & paper
6914.Musical Carousel. Need to see this. Plays music. Mirrored doors open & close.... as it goes around
6915.Thomas Retro Collectors Edition Radio w/ Cassette Player. T&T
6917.Tin Duck Commander Sign
6918.2 Pictures
6919.Beauty Sign- Tin
6920.Vintage Round Picture/ chain hanging
6921.(2) Vintage Surge Oil Cans
6922.Vintage Carnival, Playbill & Pictures. A playbill usually includes a list of the cast and production crew. (some more valuable than others). Looks like Julie Andrews in back.... need to see if this is Camelot or My Fair Lady?? '56 or '60
6923.Silhouette Pictures
6924.Sports Illustrated; Dell Sports Magazines
6925.Pair Anna Hutte Bleikristall 24% Lead Crystal Candleholders Made in Germany. Cut Glass Pattern Gold Trim Vase/ Candy Dish
6926.2 Crocks 5"-6" +-
6927.Looks like American Fostoria. Relish Dish, 2 Nappys
6928.Goofus Glass Vase 7" +-
6929.4 Glass Baskets- (2) Red Art Deco; Anna Hutte bleikristall Lead Crystal Made in Germany- Clear; Gold Fluted Edge Basket
6931.Blue Hobnail Sugar & Creamer
6932.Lt Green Twisted Handle Basket- patent pending on bottom; green Candy/ Nut Footed Dish, Scalloped Edge
6933.Light Green Pitcher; Vase possibly Fenton 5"-6" +-
6934.Pink Footed Nut/ Candy Dishes; Art Glass Bowl- Possibly Blenko?
6935.Dresser Dish w/ lid; Handpainted Scoop; Pitcher-small
6936.3 Porcelain Colonial Figures. 2 on left Made in Occupied Japan. Larger one on right Japan
6937.Pink Swan 11" +
6938.2 Pc Milk Glass- Footed Compote, Large Bowl
6939.roseline pottery pasadena ca elongated bowl; 2 mugs
6940.Blue Mason Jar & Soda Bottle
6941.Bottle, Vase, Genie Pitcher w/ stopper
6942.3 Pitchers- one listed as a buttermilk pitcher; 2 Vases (1 is a coin vase)
6943.Brown Stoneware, Child's Feeding Dish, looks like RR dishes, etc
6944.11" Egg Plate
6945.7 Glass Slippers (4 large, 3 small)
6946.Fenton Amber Fairy Lamp, Hobnail Hat, Clear Hat
6947.3 Green Depression Sherbets, Pink spoon
6948.Large Bowl with small flea bite; 4 German "Summerday" Berry/ Fruit Bowls
6949.6 Virginia The Old Dominion Souvenir Cups
6950.6 Glass Figures- animals etc. 2 mirrors (need picture off mirrors)
6951.11 Pc Rooster Designware
6952.Homestead Picture
6953.Metal Taxi Sign
6954.Vintage Football Picture & 4 Wooden Pics
6955.Barbwire Star
6956.Driftwood Vintage Kitchen Utensil
6957.Jason Empire Barometer
6958.6 Rods & 4 Reels
6959.Vintage Kitchenware- Potato Mashers, Grater, Sifter
6960.Rolling Pin w/ red handles; vintage utensils
6961.Handmade Replica Reproductions of Utensil used during the First Century A.D. Silver plate on white metal.
6962.3 Small Iron Skillets
6963.Food Mill
6964.Brass Accent Tray; Brass Fork
6965.Blue Strainer Ladle; Blue Dipper (wish I could read what's on bottom)
6966.Cow Bell with Handle
6967.Kitchenware- Wire Basket or Muzzle; Asst Utensils
6968.Cookie Maker, cookie discs
6969.Replica Small Anvil
6970.Plastic General Lee; Antique Car; Antique Car in Miniature
6971.Valvoline- Most Wanted (someone wanted one- looks like they took it) & Pepsi Gift Pack Cars
6972.Cast Iron Mustang Rd & Gulf Signs
6973.AMT 1995 Chev Corvette Last ZR-1; Burago Ford SVT F150
6974.2 Model Cars- 80 Corvette Muscle Car Sealed; Revell 88 Dale Jarrell - Open box- mostly sealed
6975.(2) Nascar Matches in Tin Box
6976.Mario Andretti Die Cast Bank 1/24. 1994 Collector Series. Appears new in open box
6977.1/24 Scale 02 Car Super Market Series
6978.World Champion Picture- Boston Red Sox October 2007; Corona Ice Bucket
6979.Child's Art Tray; Horse Wisdom Book- Correction "The Gigantic Book of Horse Wisdom"
6980.Blue Speckled Porcelain Canner- Large
6981.2 Vintage R.H.I. Baseball Gloves 1960's
6982.Graniteware Crab or Vegetable Steamer
6983.Montgomery Ward Tune Up Kit
6984.Tootsie Toys, and others miniature cars
6985.Vintage Shelf (picture will appear shortly)
6986.Doctors bag push the button in the middle and pull apart (instructions on how to open Dr's bag. Dr's Bag; Heater
6987.Pepsi Crate and Vintage Kerosene Can (no records in albums)
6988.Chalkware Lion; Box Glasses
6989.2 Box Lots- cow skillet, miniature pitcher & bowl, etc
6990.4 Box lots- light, oil can, 8 tracks, envelopes, etc
6991.Air Compressor- needs repair
6992.Black Walnut Board- Ready to mount- game of choice
6993.Pictures & Box lot
6994.15" Wheel Covers
6995.2 Boxes Welch's Dinosaur Glasses (total 24)
6996.Cadillac Hubcaps as pictured
6997.5 Box lots
6998.Box lot, purple plastic tote with lid
6999.Box lot cassettes
7000.Box lots- tote- home decor, kitchen items, Attends, etc


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