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Item Description
5701.Fossil Watch
5702.Nibco copper fitting with clock. One million safety hours award?
5703.Minnesota Vikings Cap
5704.Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol 6mm BB
5705.Baseball Trinket Box
5706.Primetime Buck X111 DVD. 26 hunts, 27 kills, 3 1/2 hours
5707.Nibco Brass Fittings in Wooden Box. Made Stuarts Draft Va
5708.Star Wars on VCR Tape- The Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi. A New Hope
5709.VooDoo Book & Kit
5710.Budweiser & Minnesota Vikings Shot Glasses; Fighting Irish Pin/ Button; Knife; AT&T Phone
5711.Choppers, Key Ring, Clock, Calculator
5712.(2) Shot Glasses, FBI etc
5713.Peabody Coal Co Belt Buckle
5714.Shrek the Third
5715.Baseball Cards- Unitas, etc
5716.Eastern Coal Belt Buckle 1985 Kopperston No 2
5717.Peabody Coal Co Belt Buckle Sundial Complex
5718.#7 Belt Buckle- Armco
5719.Blackberry, LG, etc. NONE have been tested
5720.Set of 4 NIBCO Glasses
5721.Burris Travel Mug
5722.NY Giants Water Bottle
5723.Vintage Watch Bulova 10 KT Rolled Gold Plate T66554 (please confirm this- before you bid)
5724.1 Box Top Flight XL15 Golf balls- sealed; 4 pkg with 3 each = 12 balls in open box
5725.Vintage Notre Dame Pendant
5726.Fleer '91 Baseball Cards; plus Baseball Album with cards
5727.Angry Bird Cup
5728.Lifelike Mom Cat with baby kittens
5729.Verizon LG V Cast Music Phone. Looks good, comes on when plugged up, but displays "needs battery", which it does
5730.Giants Stadium Football- Unforgettable Footballs Limited Edition with COA
5731.Car's PJs ( size to follow )
5732.(4) Baseballs
5733.SS Bowls, etc
5734.Ozark Trail Cooler Bag & Containers
5735.Singing Baseball Glove Chip & Dip Set
5736.(4) Sport T-Shirts. Size M, L, & XL
5737.NY Giants Batting Helmet & Towel
5738.NY Giants Toboggan
5739.Notre Dame Fighting Irish Sweat Shirt (M)
5740.Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series Shirt (L)
5741.Minnesota Twins Shirt XL
5742.Notre Dame Shirt (L)
5743.Chicago Bulls World Champs 1991-1992 XL
5744.Notre Dame Lightweight Jacket (L)
5745.NY Giants Shirt (L)
5746.Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary Commemorative Card Set. Sealed
5747.(2) Basketballs (JR size). Wilson & Georgia Tech
5748.Wilson Football
5749.J Sports Official Size Basketball
5750.Wraps, bandages, thermacare
5751.1995 Natrone Means
5752.Irish & Riddell Giants Helmets
5753.5 Caps. NY Giants appear NWT
5754.Big Foot House Slippers
5755.Helmets; 3 Pins- NY, UPS, EZ????
5756.New Shirt 2XL
5757.Ironman DVD (make sure of that); Turtles Glow in Dark Item
5758.Small basket, small balls
5759.Christmas Mug
5760.Low cut socks
5761.Softball, baseballs, golf balls, etc
5762.Pyrex 2 Cup & 4 Cup / Measuring; baking dish
5763.50x60 Blanket
5764.Wilton (Willow) Pan
5765.7 Pc Cookware (counting lids); Colander
5766.Small box lot- water balls, magic towel-football & baseball, mouth guard, miniature jersey, etc
5767.Wooden Fruit Design Tray; with contents
5768.(2) NEVCO Trays
5769.Cobalt Blue bottles/ corked; Milk Glass Vase; Blue & White Pitcher; Brass Trinket Box; Porcelain Cat; Child's Frypan
5770.Velvet lined trinket/ dresser box; Crystal Bouquet Two Hearts, One Love, One Lifetime; Alabaster Trinket Box
5771.Rotary Dial Phone
5772.Polaroid 220 Camera & Case
5773.80x84 Battenburg Lace Tablecloth; 1981 Price Products Porcelain Lady with Red Hat Pin Cushion; Vintage Dresser Mirror
5774.Vintage Tableware in box (one I viewed said Rogers...)
5775.Nut Cracker/ Pick Set; Tin Can Curlers
5776.Dutch Boy/ Girl S&P, marked USA with a #
5777.WV License Plates- 63, 64, 69, 70, 76
5778.Assorted sewing attachments: pearl sewing foot, blind hems foot, piping foot, other sewing foots, foot pedal, etc
5779.Hand/ kitchen towels; Olay Moisturizer
5780.Fold up Step/ Stool (guess if you fell off this, wouldn't have far to fall)
5781.Large Porcelain Cat; Heart Box
5782.NuWave Pro Plus Oven; infrared, conduction and convection cooking 75% less energy and 70% faster cooking than a standard oven Digital temp controls range from 100 degrees F to 350 degrees F
5783.Black Transferware Kioto B.C. & W Plate; Sadler, Staffordshire, England Teapot (place on inside of lid); Plate
5784.Battenburg Lace Design Vest; Ties - Clip & Tie
5786.George Forman Grill with drip tray. T&T
5787.Sante Fe Quesadilla Maker T&T
5788.Shelf approx 3' H +-
5789.(2) XBox 360 for parts. White one- green & red ring of death; black one- powers on, door stuck, makes chirping sound. Power supply, Audio Video AV RCA Video Composite Cable Cord For Xbox 360
5790.XBox 360 with cords, controller. This one powers on, door opens & closes. Re manufactured unit. Comes onscreen, no Xbox game to play
5791.Sony DVD Player w/ remote. Powers on, door opens & closes. Plays onscreen
5792.Playstation 2 w/ control. (wrong electrical cord, need a round & square end). Untested, unless I find correct cord
5793.Turtle Beach Ear Force X12
5794.16-18 CDs. Many are new/ sealed.
5795.15 +- DVDs assorted. I can related to some of these
5796.14 +- DVDs assorted.
5797.14 +- DVDs assorted.
5798.Pair Matching Hanging & Table Lamps
5799.1 Lot Doilies, Scarves
5800.Handmade Wooden Doll Bed & Doll with crocheted dress. Found her hat & purse on a shelf lot
5801.Brass Doll Bed with handmade bunny
5802.Vintage Julia Doll
5803.B/O Laughing Dog. It rolls & laughs
5804.Oriental Dolls
5805.Penguins- Penelope and Prescott by Russ; Cornhusk dolls; other dolls
5806.11 1/2" Wedding Gown Outfit
5807.2 Sitting Cows- handmade
5808.Small Rocker with bean bag doll
5809.Miniature dolls- The Royal Baby; Cabbage Patch; Corn husk; etc
5810.Brass & Glass Table
5811.Brass Lamp
5812.Coffee Table; single drawer that pulls from either side
5813.Doll Book
5814.Horsman Willie Talk; Doll- think it was a Mattel; Paper Mache Santa; Primitive Doll
5815.Porcelain Nativity Scene
5816.lil Star Doll
5817.Porcelain Figure; Christmas Cup
5818.Ginny Vogue Doll. She has come apart. Does not appear damaged, just apart
5819.Native American Figures/ Doll; Spool Doll; Country Primitive Miniature Dolls
5820.Royal Heirloom Collection Doll
5821.Angel Clock T&T, working
5822.Wig with Box
5823.Standing Witch (picture blurry)- not a scarecrow
5824.Helmet- not to be worn for protection, just for looks (that's what the tag says)
5825.Vega Motorcycle Helmet Model T-50; size XL; with bag`
5826.Vega TORC Motorcycle Helmet Model T-50; size L; with bag. Tag still attached.
5827.HJC Motorcycle Helmet- Black
5828.HJC Motorcycle Helmet- Maroon
5829.Baskets, bag
5830.Faberware Slow Cooker. Individual temperature settings. Notice: 1 crock missing. Looks new
5831.Hedge Trimmer & Pruner
5832.Electric Hedge Trimmer
5833.B&D Cordless String Trimmer. 2 chargers, direct & wall. T&T for charging & power
5834.Shark Professional Rotator Vacuum. NV400 Series. Never loses suction. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. T&T for power & suction. I thought it was good. Lot of attachments, manual, 1 belt included.
5835.Dewalt Radio. T&T for power
5836.Weights, Exercise Ball
5837.Appears new- Better Homes Blind 35x72 faux wood; plus other mini blind
5838.Table top ironing board (has a peg missing on bottom- will not set level unless you replace the peg)
5839.Moon/ stars area rug 47" x 65" +-
5840.2 Lightweight Tables
5841.Pillow Pet Bubble Bee
5842.NBA Bulls Baseball Shirt XL possibly reversible?
5843.Coleman Ma XXL Mesh Quad Chair with bag
5844.14 Clubs +- and Clark Professional Golf bag. Must inspect these. I saw a Hogan Iron (may be more than 1), Dunlop, Signature Irons (5). Drivers- Super 420 forged, Dunlop, Carol Miller
5845.New York Giants Franchise History Plaque
5846.Home Interior Mirror
5847.Wilson Tennis Racket (zipper stuck- cannot get cover off- to tell if good, bag or ugly)
5848.Portable Kerosene Heater. USED
5849.Kerosene Heater. USED
5850.6 drawer dresser with doors in middle- 2 shelves inside (think they are still there)
5851.Oval Dining Table w/ leaf
5852.Dolls- 5 asst
5853.Handmade Cloth Body Doll
5854.Uncle Sam Cast Iron Bank
5855.Vintage, AVON Doll, American Avon Heirloom Doll, Porcelain Head, Country Decor -Her body is fabric which has Avon sachets within the skirt. Sealed in plastic
5856.3 Barbie Dolls, Vintage Bionic Man. Barbie accessories, coloring book
5857.6 Nut Crackers
5858.Paper & Foam Doll
5859.8 Dolls- Porcelain & Cloth. 8 doll stands
5860.Large picture
5861.2 Dining Chair
5862.4 Box lots. Asst. Material, household, jars, plus pieces of Naugahyde
5863.5 Shelf lots- Jug, Lantern, Howard Miller Clock, Vases, Pitchers, etc
5864.3 Shelf Lots- Baskets, Doll, Yarn, etc
5865.4 Boxes Glassware, Cookie Jar Churn, etc
5866.1 Shelf lot- dolls, vase, hair, etc
5867.1 Shelf lot- Nutcracker, Dolls, Snowman (on left - does not show in picture- large/ handmade/ painted- large jar, etc. Took red hat and purse to put with doll in #5800
5868.16 Pc +- Blue Dinnerware; glasses-8
5869.2 Shelf lots- T Shirts, travel cup, etc
5870.6 Asst Dolls
5871.2 Shelf lots stuffed animals, etc
5872.Shelf lot- silverware trays, etc
5873.Golf Balls, bags, etc
5874.3 Bar Stools (1 leg needs a nut)
5875.Black Roll Around Cart; Santa's Journey Through the Desert Statue by Wong's; clock; cameras; Emerson CD & Karaoke Player System. We could not get the CD to play; etc
5876.4 Asst Box lots- glassware, etc. 3 Cups are marked Heisey- monogrammed (pre-priced $25- don't know if that was each or for all)
5877.1 Lot of Empty Totes
5878.Printer, Avon Containers, Bags of plastic Berries, bag of leather pieces
5879.3 Boxes- craft items, quilt pieces, pill box, etc
5880.2 Box lots- Dolls
5881.Box lot baking pans, etc
5882.2 Boxes trophies, Josten's personalized cup, etc. Last picture showing you what they are making with trophies now- coat racks
5883.Tote with Christmas Tree
5884.Tote with record albums & CDs. Country, Gospel, Christmas (NO rock)
5885.Tote with sport related: brand new NY Giants Shirt; NY Flag; etc
5886.Tote with large vase, wreath, new fall decorations, Halloween, etc
5887.Tote with baskets
5888.Tote with DVDs, CDs, VCR tapes, etc
5889.Tote with pitcher, pfaltzgraff, crock w/lid, planter, etc
5890.Tote with vase, planter, bucket, small jug, flex file holder, etc
5891.Tote with beaded basket, brown teapot, lighted Christmas item, etc
5892.2 Totes- clothing & glassware, California Pottery, etc
5893.2 totes; planters; candlemaking holders; ceramic birdhouse; Santa; planter with frog; net for vehicle to hold packages, etc
5894.GE Microwave. T&T
5895.Tote with copper/ brass items; pottery vase; picture frames; etc
5896.Country Primitive Wooden Shelf
5897.CD or DVD Rack
5898.Golf Bag with Golf Clubs
5899.1 Lot- Speakers, Baskets, Jars, Trash Can, Golf Bag, Curtain Rod, etc
5900.1 Lot tote with lid, glassware, baskets, shelf, picture, etc


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